Other snazzy bits - including 'Pre scan'

Other snazzy bits - including 'Pre scan'

Also showcased on the F700 concept car was its Pre Scan suspension system, a step beyond the Active Body Control system used on some of Mercedes' cars at the moment.

Next to the headlamps are a couple of lasers that map out the condition of the road ahead, and when road imperfections are detected, the car's clever electronics figure out the best suspension set-up and prepares it for the impending bump or pothole.

The result? A really smooth ride: front-seat passengers are more cosseted from bumps and shakes than those in the back, but overall a car fitted with Pre-scan seems to almost eliminate bumps in the road.

Downsides to the system are that it can't work in heavy rain, and the lasers can't work effectively if snow or salt covers the headlamps. It also can't work around sharp corners or at speeds over 93mph.