Parking dilemma

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Parking dilemma

Q: I live on a street that's soon to be changed to 'resident permit only' parking. That means I'll be forced to park directly outside my house, in a space which is only about 3300mm long! Are there any good new cars that would squeeze into such a tight spot?
Rosemary Southworth

A: There are only two new cars shorter than 3300mm, and only one we'd recommend. However, just because a car will physically fit into your space doesn't necessarily mean you'll be able to park it there especially if other cars are parked at either end of the bay.

At just 2695mm long, the shortest new car you can buy is the Smart Fortwo, but it isn't that good to drive and has only two seats.

The new Toyota iQ is a better bet, and is only 2985mm long. What's more, it'll technically fit four people inside (although in reality you wont want to carry more than two passengers). Prices start at 9495.