Peppa Pig belts up

* Kids favourite to get seatbelt * Children follow her lead * Mums were worried...

Peppa Pig belts up

Children's TV favourite, Peppa Pig, has been given a lesson in car safety after producers have made her belt up on the back seat.

The programme's makers had previously claimed that strapping in the family of pigs could limit the characters' expressions. However, many mothers believed their kids might try to follow Peppa's lead and resist the use of seatbelts.

As a result, the producers have agreed to add safetybelts when Peppa and her family go for a drive.

Peppa Pig leads the way
Mark Baker, co-founder of producers Astley Baker Davies, said: 'Everything Peppa does reflects a child's real world.

'We were very naive when we started making Peppa and we did mess up. If we could turn the clock back, we would.'

Peppa will belt up in all new episodes of the animated show.