Peugeot 308: safe and sound

* Standard stability control on most * More equipment upgrades * New Euro V diesel engine...

Peugeot 308: safe and sound

Peugeot is making safety a new year's resolution by adding standard stability control to its 308 hatchback and SW models, with the exception of entry-level Urban versions.

Drivers will be able to switch this off when extra traction is required, before it automatically reconnects at 31mph.

Sounds good: phone and stereo upgrades
Other upgrades for January 2010 include USB and Bluetooth connectivity as standard on Sport and SE models. This will allow the phone and an MP3 player to be operated via the steering column controls.

The Bluetooth function also allows users to stream music from their phone through the stereo.

A more efficient 140bhp diesel engine will replace the current 136bhp unit.

Prices start at 19,445 for the 308 hatchback in Sport trim. The SW costs from 22,295 in SE trim.