Porsche chief plans new 911 avalanche

* Hybrid version of new 911? * Eight-cylinder version being considered * Mid-engined supercar on the cards, too...

Porsche chief plans new 911 avalanche

The all-new Porsche 911 will be offered in even more variants than previous models.

Speaking to What Car?, the company's research and development boss Wolfgang Hatz admitted that he was planning to 'increase the derivatives' of the 911 beyond the versions of the current incarnation.

Hatz admitted that the company is thinking of 'some form of electrification' for the 911, which could mean a hybrid model in the same vein as the Panamera and Cayenne models.

However he also admitted that the challenges of keeping weight down were also key to a hybrid sportscar.

'We don't want to add 300kg to it, so any solution has to be light,' he admitted.

He also didn't rule out a four-wheel-drive model where the front wheels were battery powered, too.

Also being considered are an eight-cylinder version of the 911 and more turbo-charged versions, although a downsized four-cylinder 911 is not on the cards.

Technology in the all-new 911, which will first be seen in public at the Frankfurt motor show, will also be used as the springboard for ever more Porsche models. A new baby Cayenne, dubbed Cajun and heavily based on the Audi Q5, will arrive by 2015, while a new Boxster is set to come next year.

A smaller, cheaper mid-engined sportscar will also arrive in the next three years.

Porsche management has also recently admitted that it is working on a Ferrari rivalling 200,000 mid-engined supercar.