Promoted: Calling all Nissan Qashqai and X-Trail owners!

Do you own a Qashqai or X-Trail? Tell us what you think of it and you could earn a £100 Amazon voucher...

Promoted: Calling all Nissan Qashqai and X-Trail owners!

The Nissan Qashqai is the car that created the trend for compact SUVs. It has won three What Car? Best Small SUV Awards in a row, and continues to win group tests even as new rivals emerge.

The Nissan X-Trail, meanwhile, expands on the Qashqai’s versatility with seven seats and more space, while its optional intelligent four-wheel-drive system helps you stay in control whatever the road conditions.

We’ve tested both vehicles extensively, but now we want to know what you think – and, if you're selected to take part in a video, there's a £100 Amazon voucher in it for you.

We’re creating a series of videos with Nissan about the details that make its cars special. We’re looking for owners of the Qashqai (2013 onwards) and X-Trail (2014 onwards) to tell us what each car is really like to live with. We want the nitty-gritty: a lowdown on the details and features that really make a difference and make you love the car.

Perhaps it’s the AVM camera, which gives you a top-down view of your car when you park, helping to banish curbed wheels to history. Perhaps it’s the moon roof, which fills the cabin with light. Perhaps it’s just the way the car drives, or the elevated driving position.

To take part, email with a brief note telling us what you love about your Qashqai or X-Trail.

If you're selected to take part we'll be in touch and arrange a time to come and visit. We'll film you talking about your Qashqai or X-Trail, and the visit should take no more than an hour or so.

The film will be used by Haymarket Media Group to make a promotional vehicle on behalf of Nissan.

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