Promoted: MINI Finance - The flexible way to enjoy MINI thrills

Finance deals for cars can be complicated. MINI Finance has been designed to be straightforward – while still offering plenty of flexibility...

Promoted: MINI Finance - The flexible way to enjoy MINI thrills

MINI's range of cars are designed to offer a fun, thrilling driving experience - and that’s why MINI has designed a range of finance options to get you on the road in a MINI as quickly as possible.

MINI has also designed its finance products to be flexible – giving customers the ability to find the right deal that fits their current needs.

Flexible financing

Whichever MINI Finance product you might choose, the first decision is to choose which MINI you want. That bit might take a while. The go-kart handling of the classic three-door Hatch, or the big-and-bold Countryman?

Once you’ve picked the model, there are myriad details that can be customised, from paint colour to interior trim and equipment; MINI claims to offer one million potential different configurations. With that much ability to personalise your car, MINI has set out to make its MINI Finance offerings tailored too. 

To start with, buyers decide how long they want their finance agreement to last and what deposit they want to pay. There are no set-up fees with MINI Finance agreements and competitive rates are available across the MINI range (representative 5.9% APR).

To help with your sums, MINI has a finance calculator on its website that crunches the numbers, while every MINI Centre has a finance specialist who can offer personalised information and advice. To work out your own deal, just tap in your preferred MINI model here.

MINI Finance’s triple offering

MINI Contract Hire: This is designed to be straightforward. Pay an initial rental sum, then a set monthly payment for an agreed period, and at the end of it return the car (vehicle condition, excess mileage and other charges may be payable).

MINI Hire Purchase: Having paid a deposit and a set monthly amount, you get to own your MINI at the end of the agreed term.

MINI Select: The most flexible option. Once you’ve chosen the term length and monthly payments, MINI calculates an optional final payment, reflecting the estimated value of the car at the end of the agreement. When that time comes, customers can pay the optional final payment and keep the car, return it for no extra cost (again, vehicle condition, excess mileage and other charges may be payable), or part-exchange it for a shiny new MINI.

To check out MINI's latest finance offers and deals, and for full terms and conditions about MINI finance, click here.

MINI Finance has produced a series of short videos to give more information on the various options, which can be viewed here.

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