Renault wants to end big discounts

* Renault set to stop discounts and cashback deals * No shift from strategy of offering value * Company chief say focus must be on better cars...

Renault wants to end big discounts

Renaults chief operating officer, Carlos Tavares, has revealed to What Car? that the company is set to put a stop to the practice of huge discounts and other offers such as cashback deals.

It makes no sense for us to do this, he said. Renault wants to step out of the world of big discounts and cashback. Instead we want to make better cars such as the Clio, Captur and Zoe.

However, Tavares was keen to stress that this did not mean that there was going to be a policy of price rises. We still want to be in the value industry, he said.

Traditionally, it has been possible to negotiate huge deals on new Renaults at the dealer but this has impacted on the residual values of the cars. Currently, the new Clio is holding firm though. According to What Car? Target Prices discounts, which show the achievable deals available, its currently only possible to secure around 1000 off every new Clio.

By Chas Hallett

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