Running your car

Running your car

Name Jan Benfield
Subject Car insurance
If you're about to give up a company car in favour of a car allowance, find a good insurance broker.

Not all insurance companies subscribe to price comparison websites, and not all insurance companies give full recognition to a company car driver's no-claims record.

Talking to a friendly agent and leaving them to find you a good deal is often the better option - let them do the hard work for you.

Name Ifor Wilde
Subject Consider total costs
A lot of people set a budget to buy their car, but they tend to forget the lifetime cost of the car.

I look at what I will pay out during the period of ownership - from the fuel cost to insurance and depreciation.

Name David Farrell
Subject Getting a good insurance deal
I look everywhere for the best deal. I use websites that let you compare the best deals, and get a number of online quotes from insurance providers.

I'll see what my bank and my credit card company can offer me, too. My current provider is Jaguar insurance, which I arranged without any problem over the telephone.

Name Mathew Sutton
Subject Insurance
Look at the level of insurance cover, not just the price. Very often, what seems like a competitive quote can end up costing more once all the extras are added.

You may have to pay extra to get a courtesy car, for example. I prefer to pay slightly more for plenty of benefits.

Name Rod Husbands
Subject Changing tyres
When your tyres need changing, don't just call the big chains like Kwik Fit and National Tyres for a quote.

I replaced the front tyres on my Ford Mondeo recently and, after some advice front a friend, I called a few independent fitters in the local area.

I was surprised at how much cheaper some of them were and I ended up saving a packet. If you don't find cheaper locally, try online companies such as