Scottish drivers lose their cool

* Scots are most grumpy drivers * Northern Irish most relaxed * Yorkshire drivers on the right road...

Scottish drivers lose their cool

Scottish drivers are most likely to lose their cool while behind the wheel, according to a survey by sat-nav maker Navigon.

Nearly half of Scots admitted getting hot-headed when caught in a jam, while 87% admitted swearing at another motorist.

It's not just fellow motorists who make the Scots grumpy, either 10% of drivers from north of the border admitted they find passengers who talk to them annoying.

Irish are most relaxed at the wheel
The survey also revealed that drivers in Northern Ireland were most relaxed while behind the wheel, with more than 30% of them packing 'chill-out' music for long trips.

Drivers from Yorkshire on the right road
It seems that drivers from Yorkshire are the most confident motorists, with more than 40% claiming to have never got lost while making a journey.

The poll also revealed, rather unsurprisingly, that 60% of Londoners would like to see less traffic on the capital's roads.