September 2011

September 2011

Honda CR-Z 1.5 i-VTEC Sport

Week ending September 30
Total mileage 5958
Miles this week 290

Honda CR-Z review

Its rare that I get excited about a luggage cover, but the CR-Zs is an exception. As in all cars, you can position it so that it covers the entire load area.

However, you can also mount it on the floor of the boot, about a foot away from the opening. This divides the area in two to stop smaller items, like my laptop bag, sliding around.

Whats more, it makes it look as if the boot is empty when you peer through the window useful should a potential thief wander past.

Week ending September 23
Mileage 4668
Driven this week 296 miles

Ive noticed something strange about the reversing sensors on our CR-Z. You see, with most cars, the stereo volume is automatically reduced when you select reverse gear, so that you can hear the bleeps made by the sensors. This doesnt happen in the CR-Z, though, and even when the stereo is at a reasonably low volume, youll struggle to hear the guidance.

You have to turn the stereo right down manually every time you reverse, then, which is rather annoying, but at least the sensors let you get pretty close to objects before telling you its time to stop. In many cars, the sensors tell you to stop when youre still miles away from an object, making them all-but useless.

**Honda CR-Z 1.5 i-VTEC Sport

Week ending September 9
Mileage 4142
Driven this week 278 miles**

Video editor Peter Brown borrowed the CR-Z for a couple of days after his own car broke down, and returned impressed.

He thought the engine was lively in town and the seats comfortable. Whats more, he was able to fit all of his expensive video gear beneath the luggage cover, away from prying eyes.

His one criticism was reserved for the awful rear vision.