Snow socks: a good alternative to winter tyres?

If winter tyres seem like an unnecessary extravagance, snow socks could be a more affordable alternative...

What are snow socks?

Sometimes major routes can be clear of snow and ice, but side roads are all but impassable. In these conditions, snow socks can help you to get your car from your front drive to the main road.

Snow socks are textile liners that wrap around the driven wheels of your car (on rear-wheel-drive cars, there’s a benefit in having them on the front wheels, too, so the car can be steered accurately). Their textile surface picks up dry snow and ice, which increases friction. More friction means more grip, so you can drive on surfaces that would be impassable on summer tyres.

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Snow socks are much cheaper than winter tyres: expect to pay around £50 for a pair. You can fit them yourself in a few minutes and you can keep them in the boot of your car until you need them.

It’s important to buy the correct size snow sock for your tyres so that they fit snugly. Remove them as soon as you reach gritted Tarmac to avoid rapid wear.

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