Step three: getting a great deal

* Bag yourself a bargain * Follow our three-steps... * beat the dealer...

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What Car? Staff
6 Apr 2010 15:26 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

Dont expect the salesman to cough up the discount you want straight away. Hes there to make a profit, after all. Hell insist that: we cant discount that model, or if we sold cars at What Car?s Target Price, wed lose money. Thats a lie: the Target Price is the absolute maximum you should pay, and we mystery-shop dealers every month to check its accurate.

Haggle the same percentage discount on any optional extras as you get on the car, because sneaky salesmen might offer a big discount on the car and then say they cant discount options, to make back some of the lost profit. They can discount options, so dont pay the full price for them.

Another salesmans trick is to offer you a good discount on the new car and then undervalue your part-exchange. Thats why you need to know what your old car is worth dont accept less for it.

If youre buying using finance, ask the dealer to print out full details of the offers available, so you can take them away and work out which is best for you in your own time. Compare the total amount payable rather than the monthly payments, and dont forget to stack them up against the loan rates you researched earlier.

The salesman will almost certainly try to talk you into buying extras, including PPI, GAP insurance and paint protection. If youve decided you dont need GAP or PPI, say so. If you do, show him the independent quotes you got earlier; if he wont match the best price, shop elsewhere.

Paint and cabin trim protection probably wont be necessary unless your car will be leading a hard life, but if you want them, make sure you pay a knockdown price. Theyre another way for the dealer to make a big profit.