Superminis: 11 to 16

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3 Jun 2010 06:01 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

11 Seat Ibiza

Vehicle owner satisfaction score 78.2%
Overall 68th=
As you would expect of a car that sits mid-table, the scores for the Ibiza are mainly average. As far as costs and dealer service go, owners say there is nothing for Seat to be ashamed of but there's still plenty to improve on the company's only supermini.

It's the same story when it comes to driving the car, and although owners like the Ibiza's styling, inside and out, they find there's a price to pay, with many saying the accommodation in the rear is cramped and the boot small.

However, owners save their biggest complaints for an overall lack of quality, singling out excessive wind noise, the tricky-to-open fuel cap and rear wiper as particular problems. As a result, the Ibiza finishes 68th overall, the same as last year.

12: Nissan Micra

Vehicle owner satisfaction score 77.6%
Overall 75th
On the plus side, Nissan will be pleased that the Micra has not continued the major slide down the table it suffered last year.

However, less pleasing is that the Micra lags well behind the Note, and that owners rate only one thing as better than average: its fuel economy. Still, at least most other things including the dealer service, the way the Micra drives and its practicality are rated as average by owners.

The Micra's quality is less than impressive, though: owners reported problems with the boot, fuel cap, wipers and door locks, and were unhappy with how long the cabin took to warm up.

13: Ford Fiesta

Vehicle owner satisfaction score 77.2%
Overall 80th
The Fiesta consistently figures at the top of the sale charts, but it also has a regular mid-table slot in this survey, due to predominantly average ratings.

Running costs and dealer service are rated as average, and owners say the car's handling in common with its space, practicality and comfort is fine, but nothing special.

Likewise, there were no great problems with the Fiesta's quality or reliability; in fact, mechanically it was hardier than most but we wait to see what effect the new model (which will make its debut in next year's survey) has on these results.

14=: Citroen C3

Vehicle owner satisfaction score 77.1%
Overall 81st=
Pub bores may tell you that French cars are the very epitome of unreliability, but that's not reflected in the C3's scores. In fact, apart from the Jazz and Yaris, it's the only car in this class to have above-average ratings in all three of our quality and reliability categories.

However, it can't maintain those scores across the board hence its showing in the bottom half of the table. In fairness, there are no real horror stories, but C3 owners do single out Citroen dealerships as being below par.

14=: Hyundai Getz

Vehicle owner satisfaction score 77.1%
Overall 81st=
If it wasn't for Hyundai's dealers, the score for the Getz would have been far less impressive. Other than the above-average rating for them and their service, the Getz scores no better than average in almost any other respect.

Perhaps the biggest problem is that even its owners don't like the way it looks. No other car in its class rated so poorly for interior styling, while only one other had a less popular exterior. To make matters worse, owners also rated the stereo, seats and ventilation system as below average.

Dealers aside, the only saving grace was that owners appreciated the low servicing costs, while the build quality was average.

16: Vauxhall Corsa

Vehicle owner satisfaction score 76.9%
Overall 86th
The one positive thing you can say about the Corsa's result is that it's better than last year's. However, it's still struggling to get into a mid-table position in its class, and is less than 20 places off the bottom of the overall rankings.

The quality of the dealers and their work were the biggest complaints for owners, while the car's ventilation system should have been better. For all that, there's no one thing that lets the Corsa down and, in fact, owners went so far as to pick out the stereo for praise.