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All-wheel drive is available only with the 1.6 turbo engine and a continuously variable automatic gearbox. (A similar box is optional with the other 1.6 but not with the diesel.) The 4WD model will be made in Japan.

Its drive system is based on that in several other Nissans, but now includes torque vectoring when cornering hard, more torque is sent to the outside wheel to stabilise the car. So the drive can not only be split front-to-rear up to a maximum of 50:50, but also across the rear axle. Its primarily a safety system, but it will also pull you out of a muddy field, Nissan says.

Theres also a different rear suspension system on the 4WD Juke, with a fully independent set-up replacing the beam axle on other versions.

Nissan Juke interior photos
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The Juke is based on the platform used for Nissans Note and Cube, but it has been lengthened, widened, lightened and strengthened with a ring structure that connects the upper body to the rear suspension. The cabin isnt quite as roomy as the Minis, largely because the line of the roof restricts rear headroom, and the Juke has the smaller boot.

The rear seats fold flat in one movement, and because the luggage cover is fastened to the tailgate, your belongings are hidden when you close the door.

Its no surprise to learn that youll be able to personalise the car its de rigueur with any car that claims to be cool these days. Youll even be able to choose whats on the central information screen, and the colour of the backlighting will change depending on what function you choose.