Tested: Autosafe seat belt adjuster

* Stops belt cutting into child's neck * Featured on 'Dragon's Den' TV show * We put it to the test...

Tested: Autosafe seat belt adjuster

We all have to belt up in cars, but some children using an adult seatbelt or booster seats can find the belt cuts into their neck.

It's tempting for them to move the belt under their arm, which is a serious safety risk, so we've tested a new product that promises a solution.

You might have seen the Autosafe seat belt adjuster when it won backing from two of the 'dragons' on the BBC's Dragon's Den.

The product straps securely to the body of the seat and the seatbelt can then be threaded through the adjuster to lie comfortably across the child's shoulder.

Your child will be more comfortable, and won't put their arm over the shoulder strap of the belt.

The clip for the belt is adjustable, so the products can remain in use from booster seat age until your child can comfortably wear an adult belt.

Autosafe's seat belt adjuster is tested to United Nations safety standard UN-ECE 44/03 and will fit to most cars that have fold-down seats.

It costs 9.99 from Argos, Halfords and selected nursery retailers.

We put the product to the test
Connie-Beth is three years old and is tall enough to use a booster seat. Her dad, Simon, tested the product and reported back.

'There are some things we just can't do without, and now the Autosafe adjuster can be added to that list,' he said. 'I always knew that the safety belts rubbed on our children's necks, although surprisingly they never complained.

'Fitting the seat belt adjuster took five minutes, the instructions were clearly laid out and idiot-proof. Connie-Beth was happy with the new arrangement, and on a recent drive though the Surrey hills, the strap and belt remained in place despite the twists and turns. Job done.'