The car that does everything

The car that does everything

It's a city car, it's a motorway car, it's a trip-to-the-countryside car - it's the Axon Automotive.

Okay, we pinched that line from the company's self-written fanfare, but it does neatly sum up what Axon Automotive is trying to achieve.

At the Sexy Green Car Show, the company has unveiled the Axon, a multi-purpose vehicle that is designed to carry two adults, two children in child seats and their luggage. It even has a tailgate that unhooks to turn the car into a pick-up.

Powered by a 0.5-litre petrol engine, the car's secret lies in the lightweight materials it is built from and some clever aerodynamic work.

In particular, the company has made use of carbonfibre, a material used in the construction of racing cars to ensure they are light yet strong.

The result is a car so efficient that it can hit 90mph despite its tiny engine, manages 100mpg, and emits less than 70g/km of carbon dioxide - which means you won't have to pay a thing under current VED road tax regulations.

Due to go on sale in 2010, the company is taking orders for the car now. It has an asking price of 10,900.