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The used cars rising in value the fastest right now

Various factors have combined to produce a roaring hot used car market – and prices are reacting. These are the stand-out cars...

The reasons are many.Image 1 of 21

But the reality is that the UK used car market is booming right now, and prices for used cars are increasing accordingly. Why? Well, firstly, plenty of people need a new car to get around now that coronavirus restrictions are lifting – and some people remain wary of public transport. And many people who kept their jobs during the pandemic have more money in the bank because they didn’t spend it in the way they usually would on holidays, eating out and all the rest. Finally, the supply of new cars is restricted right now due to a global shortage of microchips – a vital ingredient of all modern cars.

We’ve teamed up with resale value experts cap hpi to drill down into the data to identify the cars in hottest-demand at present – and thus with prices rising the fastest in the past three months. "As a result of the retail market being unusually strong since mid-April, we have witnessed strong pricing being achieved within the wholesale market due to dealers having to restock in order to meet the high demand," said Jeremy Yea, Senior Valuations Editor at cap hpi. "Whilst we have witnessed strong demand for all types of vehicles, there has been a real surge for superfluous or extravagant vehicle purchases such as Convertibles/Coupe Cabriolets or even for Campervan type vehicles which have appreciated the most and dominate the top of this list."

We start at number 20, and work our way up to the hottest used car on the market right now. We express the rise in both percentage and cash terms.

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