The wind in your hair - at 220mph

* Drop-top Bugatti Veyron coming * Roof panel won't fit in car * Prices expected to exceed 850,000...

The wind in your hair - at 220mph

Open-topped motorists love having the wind in their hair - and the phrase is set to get a whole new meaning when a drop-top version of the Bugatti Veyron goes into production next year.

With no roof, Bugatti has had to stiffen the body considerably to stop it flexing. The extra weight from this means the Veyron Targa won't achieve the standard car's top speed of over 250mph - but company officials say it should still be good for a quiff-ruining 220mph.

The car will have a removable rigid roof, because engineers cannot make a soft-top system work around the car's safety cage.

However, there is nowhere on board to store the roof. A lightweight snap-on roof cover will be available in case of emergencies.

Production is expected to be limited to fewer than 100 cars, pushing the car's price to an anticipated 850,000 - 100,000 more than the standard car.