Best used BMWs

No matter what your budget is, you can now buy a good-quality used BMW. Here are our top picks in every price range from Β£2000 to Β£25,000

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There’s a reason why BMWs are one of the most sought-after makes of car in the world.

As a rule, they manage to combine excellent driver involvement with top-notch engineering, classy interiors, punchy engines and plenty of space for all their passengers.

And while BMWs are still considered true prestige cars, they’re also pretty commonplace these days, which is good news for the keen-eyed used car buyer. It means there are plenty of examples around to choose from, and a used BMW for every budget. But which are the best models to buy?

To help you work out the answer to that question, no matter how much you’ve got to spend, we’ve picked our top three best used BMWs for Β£2000, Β£5000, Β£10,000 and Β£25,000. Read on to find out exactly which cars made the cut.

Best used BMWs for less than Β£25,000

3. BMW i3

The electric i3’s values are falling very slowly, meaning you shouldn’t lose too much in depreciation if you buy a used example that’s a few years old. What’s more, you will of course save money on fuel, even if you choose the Range Extender model with its supplementary 0.65-litre petrol engine. All of which mitigates against the i3’s high price, and means you get to enjoy its fabulous dashboard, spacious interior and excellent driving manners guilt-free.

We found: 2015 eDrive Exended Range, 6,000 miles, Β£24,982

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2. BMW 5 Series (2010-2017)

No matter which engine or version you choose, the 5 Series exudes understated class, and comes with impressive efficiency and satisfying performance. You also get a beautifully styled interior and plenty of space for every occupant. True, it isn’t the most exciting BMW in the world to drive, unless you can find one with the optional Variable Damper Control (VDC), but with that exception, the 5 Series is a tour de force that deserves its reputation as a heavyweight in the luxury car class.

We found: 2016 520d SE, 2800 miles, Β£24,991

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1. BMW X3 (2010-present)

Handsome, comfortable, practical and well-made, the X3 really does do it all. It’s even great fun to drive, and in this regard, it’s head and shoulders above any of its SUV rivals. Downsides? There are few, although a couple of rivals do offer seven seats, which the X3 can’t. But if you only need space for five, the X3 really is tough to beat.

We found: 2015 xDrive 20d xLine, 15,500 miles, Β£23,990

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