Turn your car into a supercar

* Pretend you're in a supercar * Fits in stereo slot * Costs about 70...

Bought a Nissan Micra but dreaming of a GT-R?

Well, help could be at hand - as long as you have no sense of shame.

German company in.pro has created possibly the daftest in-car gadget ever - a machine that monitors your car's engine revs and plays you the corresponding engine note from a supercar back through your speakers.

The system fits into the car stereo slot, from where a wire is led into the engine compartment to read your car's rev signal. It then converts the rattle into the equivalent engine noise of a variety of supercars and sportscars.

Called the Virtual-motor, the system costs about 70 by mail order.

Just don't wind the windows down and let anyone else hear what you're up to.