Tyre wear problems

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Tyre wear problems

Q) I had four new tyres fitted to my VW Golf six months ago. When I was cleaning the car last weekend, I noticed that one of the front tyres is practicality bald but only on the edge. I don't drive like a boy racer, and can't really afford to buy new tyres every few months. Have you any ideas as to why this has happened?
James Stevens

A) Tyre wear isn't just down to the way a car is driven. It's also related to the car's steering and suspension geometry settings. Irregular tyre wear is a common sign that tracking settings are incorrect.

It sounds as though one of your front tyres needs replacing right away, so when you visit your local tyre fitter ask them to check the wheel's settings. This should cure the problem.

Under-inflation can also cause the outside edge of a tyre to wear quickly, so check your tyre pressures on a weekly basis.