Upgrade your Audi by downloading apps

* Future Audis will be upgradeable * Download options as apps * Connectivity is key in future Audis...

Upgrade your Audi by downloading apps

Audi will lead the field when it comes to in-car technology, according to Peter Schwarzenbauer, Audi's board member responsible for sales and marketing.

In the not-too-distant future, you may be able to upgrade your car once it has left the showroom by downloading applications, Apple iPhone style, to add new features. Options such as heated seats may be built in to every car on the production line, but only activated when the appropriate application is purchased.

Audi will be placing more emphasis on interior quality and technology in the future, as customers are increasingly seeing their car as an extension of their home. Some may even see their cars as 'driving hot spots' with in-built wi-fi.

According to Schwarzenbauer, 'Driving characteristics like good handling and strong brakes are a given when you buy a premium car, but one of the main differentiators is in the interior'.

The style of Audi interiors are set to change, too, not only with improved quality and new tech. 'Electric cars will bring a completely different interior,' said Schwarzenbauer, 'There'll be no centre tunnel or gearshift, so you can turn the seats around to play cards when you're not driving.'

Your future Audi might also be able to act as a personal assistant, 'learning that Wednesday night is health club night and automatically directing you via the most appropriate route'. It will also be able to detect when a service is needed and book it in to the nearest dealership to save you the trouble.