Used test: Audi Q7 vs Volvo XC90

The Audi Q7 is our reigning used luxury SUV champion, but how does it stack up against the ever popular Volvo XC90?

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Audi Q7 boot

What will they cost?

Both of these cars can be found for similar money, with the Q7 being only a few hundred pounds more than the XC90 for a like for like car. The Q7 will cost more to run over three years, hampered as it is by higher insurance and road tax costs. On paper, the Q7 and XC90 have equivalent combined averages: 47.9mpg for the Q7 and 49.6mpg for the XC90. However, our real-world MPG testing highlighted that the Audi’s bigger engine will consume an extra Β£600 worth of diesel over 36k miles. It is slightly cheaper to service than the Volvo, though.

The Audi Q7 wasn’t included in our latest What Car? Reliability Survey, but the Audi brand finished in 12th place out of 32 other manufacturers, while Volvo came in 25th. This generation of XC90 was included in the survey, and 53% of owners reported that they’d had problems with their cars, which is a concerning result.

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