Used car of the week: Mazda 2

Pick up our favourite used version of the Mazda 2 from £5500; here's everything you need to know before buying...

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Doug Revolta
28 January 2015

Used car of the week: Mazda 2

Our full review of the Mazda 2 is available now, to read our verdict on the new version of the supermini click here.

For those not after the new model, used versions of the 2 are on the market from £5500 on the approved used car section of our website and are a great choice for an urban runaround.

Ideal model 1.3 84 Tamura 5dr
Prices from £5500

Why should I buy a used Mazda 2?

This version of the Mazda 2 was a bit too pricey to recommend as a new buy, but with prices for our ideal model starting from £5500 it is now a tempting prospect for those on the hunt for a supermini.

Running costs are minimal; CO2 emissions of 115g/km mean the 2 costs £30 to tax for the year, and its claimed fuel economy of 56.5mpg also helps keep expenditure down. Resale values are strong, too, so you can buy knowing that you should be able to recoup a decent amount should you choose to sell on.

Which model should I choose?

We’d go for a used five-door Tamura model as it comes with all the basics plus a few nice extras as well, and it's far more practical than the three-door.

Tamuras have a sporty body kit as well as alloys, steering wheel audio controls, remote locking, electric front windows and air-con. Avoid the entry-level TS models as they miss out on air-con as well as side and curtain airbags.

How much should I pay?

A budget of £5500 can get you a Mazda 2 from 2010 with around 47,000 miles on the clock. If you’re after a newer Mazda 2 with lower mileage then £8000 can pick up a Mazda 2 from 2013 that’s covered less than 10,000 miles.

What problems should I look out for?

You can buy a used Mazda 2 safe in the knowledge Mazda has a very good reliability record and a reputation for building cars that last. As with any car, though, there are still things to look about for before buying.

There have been reports of the alloy wheels corroding, particularly the front wheels, so make sure to check for any cosmetic wear and tear before you buy.

Along with some problems with the alloys, some owners have complained of easily burst tyres. Check the tyre pressures are as they should be – 32psi for the front and 29psi for the rear.

The remote locking can play up as well, so test it thoroughly.

It’s very important to check that the brakes work, especially as there have been a few reports of ABS failure. It may be worth safely testing the ABS on your test drive.

Tamura versions of the 2 are well-specced, but some owners have reported problems with the air-conditioning unit; check it's in working order before buying.

If you're interested in a used Mazda 2, check out the examples that you can find in the What Car? Classified pages.