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Used test: Audi Q7 vs BMW X5: verdict

By buying used you can have either of these great luxury SUVs for a fraction of the price you'd pay new. But which car is the best choice?...

Audi Q7 vs BMW X5

Our Verdict

These are two great luxury SUVs and both are good value when bought used. The BMW X5 is good to drive and packed with tech, and it fulfils a broad remit thanks to its impressive comfort and lavish interior. If you buy one, we think you'll be very happy. 

Nevertheless, if it were our money, we'd choose the Audi Q7. It's one of the most complete luxury SUVs out there. It offers acres of interior space, seven proper seats, remarkable refinement and a limo-rivalling ride, especially if you can find one equipped with the optional air suspension. In fact, Q7s of this age are actually better than a new Audi Q7 in some ways, because when Audi face-lifted the car in 2019 it fitted a more hesitant gearbox and a more distracting infotainment system. So, it's a victory here for the cheaper car.

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1st – Audi Q7 

Audi Q7 front - studio shot

For Even plusher ride; seven proper seats; cheaper to buy and run; quieter engine
Against Infotainment outgunned by X5’s; not enough safety aids are standard

What Car? rating 5 out of 5 stars

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2nd – BMW X5 

BMW X5 front - studio shot

For Best-in-class infotainment; attractive interior; split tailgate is convenient 
Against Smaller boot; less rear passenger space; pricey to service

What car? rating 4 out of 5 stars

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Specifications: Audi Q7 50 TDI quattro S line

Engine size 3.0-litre diesel
Power 282bhp
Torque 443lb ft
0-60mph 6.3sec
Top speed 152mph
Fuel economy 33.2mpg (Official average)
CO2 emissions 180g/km

Specifications: BMW X5 xDrive30d M Sport 

Engine size 3.0-litre diesel
Power 262bhp
Torque 457lb ft
0-60mph 6.4sec
Top speed 143mph
Fuel economy 37.2mpg (Official average)
CO2 emissions 162g/km

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