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Used test: Audi TT vs BMW Z4 costs

Buy either of these drop-top sports cars used and you'll save a bundle of cash, but which is the one to put on your driveway? We've got the answer...

Audi TT Roadster side

Buying and owning

Costs, equipment, reliability, safety

Each of these cars lost around £10,000 of their value in three years, so the Audi TT has landed at £30,000 and the BMW Z4 at £32,000. 

The TT will cost you slightly more in insurance, fuel and servicing every year, but is predicted to have the stronger residual values as the cars get older. Both models attract a flat-rate fee of £165 per year in road tax, as well as an additional £335 per year (for years two to five of the car's life) in luxury car tax.

BMW Z4 side

In our latest What Car? Reliability Survey the TT ranked first out of eight cars in the coupé, convertible and sports car category. It even has a perfect 100% reliability rating. The Z4 is absent from the survey, but BMW as a brand managed a respectable 13th out of 30 manufacturers, while Audi came 18th. 

The Z4 scores marginally better for standard equipment. You get climate control and full leather (the TT has manual air-con and part-leather), but both have heated seats, keyless start and power-folding mirrors. Both also have LED headlights and rear parking sensors as standard, while the Z4 adds sensors at the front, too.

BMW Z4 Euro NCAP crash test

Only the Z4 comes with automatic emergency braking (AEB), and that’s why the TT was awarded four stars out of five from Euro NCAP while the Z4 received five stars. Both come with lane-departure warning, which the TT adds to with steering assistance to keep you within your lane. Blind-spot monitoring cost extra on both.

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