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Used test: Dacia Duster vs Skoda Yeti interiors

Rugged SUVs often cost a hefty amount to buy, but not if you go for one of these two. But which of them is the better car?...

New Suzuki Ignis vs Dacia Duster


Driving position, visibility, build quality, practicality

A tall adult will be comfortable in the front of either car, plus they sit you suitably high. The Skoda Yeti gives you the better view out: they're closely matched for forwards visibility, but thinner rear pillars mean it's easier to see out of the back. 

By today's standards, the interiors of these models feel relatively old and low rent, with the Dacia Duster feeling the cheaper of the two – perhaps unsurprisingly given it came in at around £4000 less than the Yeti did when new. Not only does the Yeti's interior feel more premium, but it also feels that bit better screwed together. 

Mazda CX-3 vs Skoda Yeti vs Suzuki Vitara

The Yeti's infotainment system features an interface that's easy to use and it’s neat how the icons spring to life when you move your finger close to it. DAB radio was a £135 option when new, but you do get Bluetooth, an SD slot, aux-in and USB sockets. The Duster's system is fine at best, with its graphics and responsiveness second to the Yeti's. 

Hop in the rear seats and you'll find the Yeti is more spacious: it may be identical for head room but its better for leg room and this is thanks in part to the Yeti's rear seats that can slide, recline and be removed entirely. It's easier to fit three abreast in the Yeti, too. 

Used Skoda Yeti rear seats

The Duster lacks such handy rear seats and you can only fold them in the conventional 60/40 split. 

It's a similar story in regards to boot space. While the Duster's boot is a good size, offering 408 litres of room, the Yeti goes a step further, with 416 litres available. 

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