Vauxhall Insignia: a car in disguise

* Vauxhall releases disguised images * 200 prototypes under test around the world * Strict rules to protect secrecy...

Vauxhall Insignia: a car in disguise
19 Mar 2008 11:10

Vauxhall has released more images of its new Insignia, which will make its debut at the British Motor Show in July.

The new images don't give much away, though - Vauxhall has done its best to ensure its exact design remains a secret until its launch. All 200 of the prototype Insignias currently being road-tested around the world will be disguised in a similar way.

Tricks include using rounded, fish-shaped diamond stickers to hide the car's lines, and applying special reflective materials to cause a flickering effect and trick cameras. Fixing a logo from a rival manufacturer is also a popular trick used to confuse prying eyes.

Vauxhall says the biggest risk of secrets getting out is when a driver stops for a break. As a result, it imposes strict rules, stating that the test car may not stop at public places unnecessarily and a tarpaulin must always be on board to cover the car.

The company also insists that a second car must accompany the prototype to ensure help is at hand if needed.