Vauxhall RAKe

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12 September 2011

• EV concept weighs just 380kg
• Range of 60 miles
• Aimed at young drivers

This is Vauxhall's idea of how young people will be getting around in the future.

The RAK e concept is built around a steel spaceframe, using affordable, fully recyclable synthetic materials and designed to focus on maximum simplicity and efficiency. According to the company, the car's distinctive looks have been developed to appeal to a 'young and eco/technology-savvy' buyer and create a new class of electric car.

'We want to develop electric vehicles that everyone can afford,' said Karl-Friedrich Stracke, Vauxhall CEO. 'The RAK e aims to deliver pricing that even younger customers can afford. It also has cool looks and production potential.'

Inside, the cockpit is designed to look like that of a glider, with the two seats arranged one behind the other. To make it easier for the rear-seat passenger to get in and out, the front seat, steering wheel and armrests all tip forward.

Thanks to how the car is built, it weighs just 380kg about a third of the weight of a conventional small car and that and its small frontal area mean its energy consumption is much lower than a typical small car's. Three hours' charge will give the car a range of 60 miles.

It also has a top speed of 75mph, as well as a turning circle of 11 metres, making it manoeuvrable in town and capable of tackling motorway journeys, too.

Vauxhall also says that its high strength steel frame will make it affordable to teenagers and students - though we're not talking scooter prices.

When the speed limiter is switched off, the RAKe can reach a top speed of 120km/hr thanks to its 49bhp motor. It has a range of 100km and can be fully charged in three hours.

In a further nod to the kids, Vauxhall says that it will cost just 1 to travel 100km in what it affectionately calls 'the little spaceship on wheels' - roughly the cost of downloading a song from iTunes.