Video: is the new 2019 Volvo V60 the best estate car you can buy?

Watch our video review to find out just how good the new Volvo V60 estate is...

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07 February 2019

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Can the Volvo V60 continue the Swedish manufacturer's winning streak? Find out just how good this new estate car is by clicking the link below and watching our video review:

In the past, you’d expect any Volvo estate car to be substantial, comfortable, reliable and safe, but also not massively desirable or enjoyable to drive. Sensible, sure, but also a bit dull.

But this is a manufacturer that’s continuing to benefit from a massive reinvention under new ownership since 2010, and the new V60 is a clear example of this, transforming the model from a not-so-pretty also-ran into a beautifully sleek Scandinavian wagon.

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The V60 impresses with its practicality. Its boot is big, dwarfed only by the massive space in the Skoda Superb Estate, and it has loads of room for passengers to stretch out and feel comfortable. Indeed, it's inside where the V60 really shines. Volvo has been making quite a name for itself with its interiors lately, and this is certainly no exception.

There are lovely features throughout, such as the knurling on the starter button and air vents and the Swedish flag on the seats to remind you that you aren't in just another German car. No matter what trim level you opt for, it's all screwed together brilliantly and the materials are top notch.

The V60 also impresses on the road. There's an impressive line-up of engines to choose from, and if you pick the right combination of wheels and suspension, the ride is comfortable, too.

The V60 is also priced competitively against its rivals and very well equipped. 

But just how good is it? Should it be on your estate car shopping list? Watch our full in-depth video review to find out everything you need to know.

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