Used BMW 3 Series Touring 2012 - present review

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Used BMW 3 Series Touring 12- present
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What's the used BMW 3 Series estate like?

The BMW 3 Series saloon has defined the compact executive car class for many years now, so it’s not surprising that those buyers seeking out a classy estate car of rough equivalence flock to the Touring version. It embodies all the good qualities of the saloon, with a dose of extra practicality thrown in.

This sixth-generation version is roomier than 3 Series of old, too, so it now makes even more sense as an estate car. In fact, its boot is roughly the same size as its main rivals, the Audi A4 Avant and Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate, though it’s worth noting it’s somewhat below the capacity offered by the Skoda Superb Estate and the Volkswagen Passat Estate.

However, the main attribute of the 3 Series Touring is the way it drives. It’s rear-wheel drive, so it offers a great driving experience. It steers and handles with just the right precision for a keen driver, and there’s also an excellent four-wheel drive option, the xDrive. It rides well, too, though in versions without the optional adaptive suspension this can become too firm, and especially so with the M Sport suspension; it’s worth looking for a car without this option, if possible. Inside, there’s the quality you expect from the premium BMW badge, with an upmarket interior and the much-lauded iDrive infotainment system controller.

There are a wide range of petrol-engined options, starting with a 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine, introduced in the 318i in a 2015 facelift, that’s surprisingly willing, before moving up to through the 320i and the high performance 330i and 340i versions. Diesel options, which have always been the better sellers, include the economical 316d, 318d and 320d versions, and the more powerful 330d and 335d models.

Trims start with the well equipped SE, and work up through the ultra-economical ED trims to Sport, Luxury and M Sport, in increasingly higher states of opulence.


Used BMW 3 Series Touring 12- present
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