Volkswagen T-Cross long-term review: report 6

The Volkswagen T-Cross impressed us on test, but can it cut the mustard during the daily grind of our key-worker tester, Millie?...

2020 T-Cross LT rear

The car Volkswagen T-Cross 1.0 TSI 115 SE

Run by Alan Taylor-Jones, new cars editor

Why it’s here To see if Volkswagen’s smallest SUV is worth the extra over the Polo on which it's based

Needs to Not feel out of its depth on the motorway, be comfortable on long trips and prove more practical than a hatchback

Mileage 4207 List price £19,995 Target Price £19,421 Price as tested £22,580 Test economy 45.1mpg Official economy 47.1mpg (combined) 

4 March 2020 – Surprise!

My Volkswagen T-Cross does like to mollycoddle, and sometimes a bit too much. Take its rear cross traffic assist system. It’s designed to warn you – and ultimately jam on the brakes – if it thinks you’re about to collide with man, beast or machine while reversing. It’s an admirable idea, but the warning appears on the dashboard while you’re simply minding your own business in a traffic jam – i.e. not even in reverse gear. 

2020 T-Cross LT safety screen

Then the other day, while doing a three-point turn, it slammed on the brakes in such an unsettling manner it near enough induced a heart attack. The reason? Apparently it thinks current social distancing rules need extending, because the chap taking his daily allocation of exercise, about 10-metres away, was far too close. 

It looks like there could be a fault with the system that’s making it so sensitive, but attending to it now, in the present lockdown, seems a tad unnecessary.

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