Volvo XC40 vs Volvo XC60: interiors

How much difference is there between these Volvo SUVs? Time to see whether you should go large with the XC60 or save some money with the smaller XC40...

Volvo XC40 dashboard

Behind the wheel

Driving position, visibility, build quality

In both cars, the windscreen pillars are slim and you sit high above the road, so the forward view is excellent. However, over-the-shoulder vision is more restricted in the XC40 than it is in its big brother, due to a side window line that kicks up dramatically towards the rear of the car.

It’s fortunate, then, that parking sensors are standard to help with manoeuvring, although we’d be tempted to add the optional rear-view camera, which costs £575.

The XC60 gets a camera as standard, while both cars feature bright LED headlights.

Volvo XC60 dashboard

Volvo is famed for the quality of its seats, and these two show that it’s a reputation that’s fully deserved, because they offer loads of adjustment – including electrically adjustable lumbar support – and keep you free from aches and pains even after hours behind the wheel.

You also get a beautifully finished interior, whichever car you choose, but Volvo’s penchant for minimalist design means you have to delve into their infotainment touchscreens to adjust nearly everything, which can be rather distracting when you're driving.

In both cars this measures 9.0in and is portrait-orientated, giving it an iPad-like appearance. However, some of the icons are rather small and fiddly, and the software isn’t especially quick to respond.

Volvo XC40 infotainment

Space and practicality

Front space, rear space, seating flexibility, boot

There’s generous leg and head room in the front of both cars, even if you specify a panoramic glass sunroof. Plus, each has lots of useful storage cubbies, including a deep bin between the front seats, and wide door pockets that are carpeted to stop small items rattling around.

Both allow a six-foot rear passenger to sit behind a similar-sized driver without their knees touching the seat in front, too, although the XC60, unsurprisingly, provides a bit more room to stretch out, while the upwards kick in the XC40’s rear side windows limits the view out.

Volvo XC60 boot

As for boot space, the XC60 again has the advantage, but the difference is smaller than you might think; it can swallow eight carry-on suitcases, just one more than the XC40. And both have 60/40 split-folding rear seats, rather than the more versatile 40/20/40 arrangement found in some rivals.

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