VW to create separate identities

* Move away from 'across-the-range' styling * Separate identities for different sectors * Golf remains separate...

VW to create separate identities

Volkswagen is to give a unique, recognisable identity to each of its sectors, according to the companys executive director for design, Klaus Bischoff.

Currently, models across the entire range share many styling cues, but Bischoff said this was always a temporary plan.

When I was appointed head of design the clear target was to create a complete new identity for the brand and redesign all the cars. The first was the Golf Mk 6 in 2007 and we redesigned the whole palette until we created a new look for the brand, he said.

Speaking at the Paris motor show, Bischoff said: We will introduce identities for all body types, so we dont run into the problem where everyone says everything looks the same.

While Bischoff would not say which models would be grouped together, he said that the new Golf is viewed as a separate entity.

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By Tom Webster