What Car? Personal Shopper: spacious automatic family car for less than £20,000

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What Car? team
3 Aug 2018 6:0 | Last updated: 17 Sep 2018 15:53

The reader

Dear What Car?,

I'm in need of a family car with lots of space. I regularly carry three passengers with me, and because we like to go hiking and fishing at the weekends I need something that's both comfortable and has enough space for all of our gear. I also want something with an automatic gearbox, because my weekday commute involves lots of traffic and I don't want to be changing gear every few seconds. I'm not too bothered about having a posh badge; space is my top priority. My budget is £20,000, or up to £300 per month on a PCP deal.


Drives Seat Leon

The brief

  • family car (hatchback or MPV) with lots of space
  • Automatic gearbox
  • Less than £20,000

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