Why are we waiting for new cars?

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Why are we waiting for new cars?
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What Car? Staff
27 Apr 2011 09:40

A long wait for delivery after ordering a new car can really sour what should be a special moment.

We've heard of buyers waiting more than six months for some Audis, Hyundais, Nissans, Skodas and Volkswagens. Dealers have used lots of reasons to explain why the delays are happening, even blaming the weather.

Whether it is demand outstripping supply, a problem with a supplier, or other markets (or other customers) getting priority we know this is a real issue for many car buyers and leaves some dealers struggling to 'manage expectations'.

What Car? wants to hear about your waiting list stories. Have you recently taken delivery of a new car, or are you waiting for delivery? Did your car arrive early, on time, or late? Tell us how long the wait between order and delivery was, and if the delivery date changed, what reason was given?

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