XC60: Volvo's 'safest-ever' car revealed

* Official pictures and details * Launched with three engine options * Two-wheel-drive version for 2009...

XC60: Volvo's 'safest-ever' car revealed

These are the first official pictures of the Volvo XC60, which will be displayed at next month's Geneva motor show before going on sale in the UK this October.

Volvo has the BMW X3 firmly in its sights with the XC60, and is describing the XC60 as having the high ground clearance and large wheels of a 4x4, but the styling of a coupe.

The new car will be launched with three engine options and four-wheel-drive as standard. The engines are a 279bhp 3.0-litre petrol and 160bhp and 181bhp 2.4-litre diesels.

A two-wheel-drive version, powered by a 160bhp diesel, will go on sale in 2009. Emitting 170g/km, the aim is to offer a lower-emitting version in the XC60 line-up.

Volvo is also billing the XC60 as the safest car it has ever built.

Features include a 'City Safety' system, which will be standard. It automatically brakes the car if it senses it is about to have a front-end impact and is effective at speeds up to 20mph.

Prices are expected to start at around 25,000.