Young rural drivers at greater risk

* 37% more likely to be injured in crash * than young urban drivers * Increased mileage is blamed...

Young rural drivers at greater risk

Young drivers who live in rural areas are 37% more likely suffer serious injuries in a crash than their urban counterparts, according to new research.

All young drivers are more likely to be injured in a crash 30% of all accidents involve drivers aged from 16-29, despite this group accounting for just 18% of the population. However, the research also revealed that rural-based young drivers are more than 60% more likely to be injured in an accident than older rural dwellers.

The report from Road Safety Analysis, blames the increased risk on the higher average mileage driven by young, rural drivers, who covered 31% more miles than their urban counterparts.

Other factors, such as type of roads and speed limits were also taken into account.

Dan Campsall, director of Road Safety Analysis said: 'This is the first time that we have had a thorough examination of the risks to young drivers based on where they live, and the results are stark.

'Younger drivers from rural areas are much more likely to be involved in a crash where someone is injured, and we need to see a package of measures developed that can bring about a change. This may require investment in transport infrastructure, community bus schemes and further driver training to affect the inequality that these drivers are experiencing.'

The 10 highest young driver risk areas
South Holland District, Lincolnshire
Fenland District, Cambridgeshire
Staffordshire Midlands District, Staffordshire
North Dorset District, Dorset
Wealden District, East Sussex
Boston Borough, Lincolnshire
Woking Borough, Surrey
Maldon District, Essex
Surrey Heath Borough, Surrey
East Dorset District, Dorset

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