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What used Renault Zoe hatchback will I get for my budget?

The Zoe is unlikely to be a high-mileage car, so most used examples will have a below-average mileage on the clock. Prices for the early cars start at a whisker under £5000, at the time of writing, to which you’d have to add the cost of the battery lease for most of them. Up the budget to £6000 and you’ll find plenty of good, clean used 2015 models, while £7000 is about the starting point for 2016 cars with the newer battery pack. Cars with the batteries included, rather than leased, attract a small premium at all ages.

Used Renault Zoe 2013 -

How much does it cost to run a Renault Zoe hatchback?

Plugging in, though it obviously incurs a small cost, is much cheaper than filling a tank with petrol or diesel. Latest figures suggest a full charge should cost about £3 in electricity.

Earlier Zoes with the 22kWh battery have a claimed maximum range of 150 miles, while the later, post-2015 cars with the 41kWh batteries come with a claimed maximum of 250 miles. Renault admits that 174 miles is more realistic, with this dropping to 112 in the winter. The Quick Charge version of the Zoe has a slightly shorter range, at a maximum of 230 miles, and there’s an entry-level version called Expression with a smaller battery that has a maximum of just 149 miles. Charging takes between seven and nine hours from empty if you plug into your 7kW charger at home or two hours and 40 mins from a 22kW public charging point. Alternatively, the Quick Charge version can be topped up to 80% from empty in just 65 minutes from a high-powered 43kW charging point, with the Expression model being even quicker to charge due to its smaller battery.

As a zero-emissions vehicle, the Zoe is free of road tax costs. Servicing is needed every 12 months or 18,000 miles. Check-ups alternate between minor and major, and cost £79 and £160 respectively.


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