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Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2010-present review

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What used Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 will I get for my budget?

An early Land Cruiser from 2010 with plenty of miles on it starts at around £15,000. Examples that have a lower mileage than average are pricier at £20,000, while facelifted 2015 cars with the smaller 2.8-litre engine are £28,000. The Land Cruiser received a further facelift in 2018 and if you want one of those, be prepared to spend at least £34,000.

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Toyota Land Cruiser

How much does it cost to run a Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4?

Running a hefty off-road car is never going to be an inexpensive endeavour, and the same is true for the Land Cruiser. Earlier cars with the 3.0-litre engine are the thirstiest with only 34.9mpg fuel economy according to the NEDC figures, and 213g/km emissions. Later 2.8-litre models with the improved gearbox reduced consumption to 38.2mpg and 194g/km.

If you’re buying a Land Cruiser registered after 1 April 2017, then you’ll be charged under a different road tax system based on a flat rate fee, plus an additional charge if your car cost more than £40,000 when new. Find out more about the current road tax costs here.

Land Cruisers that are over five years old qualify for a 20% discount on routine servicing and MOT costs if you sign up to the Toyota 5+ club. If you don’t, then an intermediate service is £250, a full version is £395.

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