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Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2010-present review

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Which used Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 should I buy?

If your budget can stretch to it, go for a later 2.8-litre diesel because it will come with the improved six-speed automatic or manual gearbox for better motorway cruising, and it’ll be marginally better for daily running costs.

Of the various specifications of Land Cruiser offered over the years, it would be the mid-range Active car we’d recommend. The interior of this Toyota isn’t the plushest around and therefore doesn’t benefit from the wood and leather fitted to top of the range Icon and Invincible models. Basic Utility models are rather cool if you like the look of steel wheels, but Active gets you all the kit you really need without setting you back too much money.

However, if you’re going for an earlier car with the 3.0-litre engine, then go for an LC4 model, although be aware that it probably come without sat nav.

Our favourite Toyota Land Cruiser: 2.8 Active

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Toyota Land Cruiser
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