What Car? says...

If you want to know exactly what the Volvo V60 Cross Country is all about, well, the clue is in its name. It's a variant of the V60 estate car that's been given a few extra bits of kit to help you, er, cross the country by road or track. Pretty simple.

The V60 Cross Country's off-road ability is provided by an additional 60mm of ground clearance over the regular Volvo V60 and it gets four-wheel drive and hill-descent control as standard. ​​​​​​There are even black plastic sill extensions, lower bumpers and wheelarches to help protect your investment if you find yourself on a particularly challenging off-road route – or a trolley rolls into it in a supermarket car park.


  • The V60 Cross Country is designed to give you a little extra ability when you head off road. That comes thanks to it being 60mm higher than the standard Volvo V60 with a slightly more rugged exterior look, four-wheel drive and hill-descent control.

  • Yes. Every V60 Cross Country comes with all-wheel drive to help improve its abilities when you head off the beaten track. It won’t tackle the same terrain as the Land Rover Discovery but it’ll deal with muddy fields and tracks easily.

  • Regardless of which trim you go for, the V60 Cross Country comes with supportive seats that offer plenty of adjustment and lumbar support. On top of that, the soft ride means that it deals with potholes well and remains calm at all speeds.

  • We don’t have data for the V60 Cross Country itself, but Volvo as a brand came 17th place out of 32 brands in the 2022 What Car? Reliability Survey. That’s just below BMW but ahead of Audi and Mercedes.