How to buy a new car with What Car?

Here's how you can save thousands on your next car by using What Car? New Car Buying

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Yes, you can now buy a new car through What Car?. Our New Car Buying section has more than 90,000 discounted new car deals, so you're never far away from finding a new car deal in your area.

But how does the system work? In this article, we'll give you a step-by-step guide to finding a great deal.

Step 1: What car do you want?

Go to What Car? New Car Buying either by clicking 'Buying new & used' and then 'New car deals' from the top menu on the homepage, or simply click here.

Once there, either click on the manufacturer you're interested in, or choose from one of our car categories, such as small car, MPV or small and large SUVs.

You'll now be able to choose from a list of cars, and in this example we'll be using the Nissan Qashqai SUV.

Step 2: Configure your car

Now it's time to choose which version of the car you'd like. Using our filter system, you can select what type of powertrain you'd like – whether it's petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric – as well as whether you want a manual or automatic gearbox, and how many doors (usually three or five, depending on the model). If you're unsure what fuel type to get, why not use our What Fuel? comparison tool.

On the next page, you'll then be asked to select which engines you'd like to include in your search. Next to each engine choice, you'll be able to see what we think about it. Click 'add engine' to add it to your search, 'add all engines' to add all available engines, or 'skip to the next step' to move to the next screen, where you'll be able to repeat the process for trim levels.

Step 3: Select your edition

Based on your selections, you'll now see a range of editions to choose from. The more that you've narrowed down your search using the filters on the previous pages, the fewer editions you'll see.

You can filter through these results using our buttons on the left-hand side of the page, where you can sort by budget, trim, engine, number of doors and gearbox. Most importantly, though, next to each edition you'll also see how much we can save you on the manufacturer's recommended 'on-the-road' price. When you've found the edition you'd like to buy, click the 'show deals' button.

Step 4: Find your deal

You'll see a range of deals offered by different dealers, which you can either order by price or by location, if you input your postcode. Alongside each deal is the price you'll pay, and the percentage you're saving from the manufacturer's recommended retail price.

You'll also see a 'Target Price' deal. Target Price is the most we think you should pay for this car, and if there aren't any deals which either match or beat that Target Price, we'll find you a dealer who will.

Once you've found a deal you're interested in, click the 'more details' button to proceed.

Step 5: Contact your dealer

On this final screen you can contact the dealer directly about your deal by entering a few details online, or call the dealer over the phone. We'll also tell you where the dealer is located, and their opening hours.

That's it! You've found a new car at a great price.

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