Most common MOT failure items

What are the things that cause the most MOT failures, and how has the MOT test developed over the decades?...

Most common MOT failure items

Nearly 50% of all faults found on cars during MOT tests involve minor issues such as blown light bulbs, and worn windscreen wipers and tyres.

The most common MOT fail reason is lights are:

Lights and indicators – 19%Suspension – 13%Brakes – 10%Tyres – 8%

Most common MOT failure items

The history of the MOT test


MOT test covering brakes, lights and steering is introduced in the UK for all vehicles when they are 10 years old and in every subsequent year.


First MOT test moved to seven years of age.


MOT test introduced for commercial vehicles.


First MOT test moved to three years of age.

Most common MOT failure items


First test for ambulances, taxis and all vehicles that can carry eight passengers or more becomes an annual requirement.


Diesel emissions test added to MOT test.


MOT test information goes online and people can check a vehicle’s entire history.


Vehicles’ recent mileage history recorded on the MOT test certificate.