Used Audi A1 2019 - present

Used Audi A1 2019 - present review


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What alternatives should I consider to a used Audi A1 hatchback?

If you like your small cars to feel premium then how about the five-door version of the Mini hatch? It won’t feel as agile as the A1, nor quite as comfortable at low speeds. However, it’s still relatively good fun to drive and has an easier to use infotainment system than the touchscreen affair in the Audi.

Audi probably won’t be too happy with this, but you can actually get pretty much all the qualities of the A1 in a slightly cheaper form with the Volkswagen Polo. True, it does without the fancy LED lights and digital speedo and rev counter (unless you find a Polo packed with options), but it’ll still be very comfortable to drive and because it uses the same engines, just as efficient.

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Used Audi A1 2019 - present
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Far more practical than before and brimming with cutting edge tech, the Audi A1 is a fine used buy - albeit a pricey one

  • Many big car features as standard
  • Smooth ride (on standard suspension) and tidy handling
  • Relatively quiet at higher speeds
  • Volkswagen Polo offers more for less money
  • Some cheaper plastics than you’d expect for an Audi interior
  • Occasionally jerky automatic gearbox