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Passenger & boot space

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Passenger & boot space

How it copes with people and clutter

There’s plenty of space up front in the Q3 Sportback. There’s generous headroom and the seats slide back far enough that even those with particularly long legs can get comfortable. The interior is also wide enough that you won’t be rubbing shoulders with your front passengers, but it’s worth noting that the armrest is a tad narrow, so there might be some elbow bashing. 

In the rear, things are less positive. The Q3 Sportback’s sloping roofline means that if you’re approaching six feet tall, your head will be brushing the roof lining – and that’s without the optional panoramic sunroof fitted. There is a good amount of rear legroom, but the Range Rover Evoque is still a better bet if you’re regularly carrying adults in the back. 

A nifty feature that the Q3 Sportback has, but the BMW X2 and Range Rover Evoque miss out on, is its sliding and reclining rear seats. These are fitted as standard and, along with helping your passengers kick back and relax, they allow you to prioritise between rear legroom or extra boot space. Speaking of which, the Sportback’s rakish roof line means it won’t accommodate as much luggage as a regular Q3, or a Range Rover Evoque for that matter. It is bigger than the BMW X2’s boot, though, and should still manage a large buggy with ease. If you need more room, either slide the rear seats forward or drop the 40/20/40 seat backs down to create a relatively large, flat load area.

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