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BMW i8 review

Manufacturer price from:£114,945
What Car? Target Price:£102,945
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The i8 may just be the most ambitious car that BMW has ever produced.

Using a combination of a tiny petrol engine from the Mini hatchback, high-voltage batteries like the one in your laptop and a powerful electric motor, it's a plug-in hybrid that's designed to be as exciting to drive as it is kind to the environment.

Under the i8's sleek skin lies a carbonfibre structure that helps cut weight and improve stiffness, to the benefit of handling and safety. Meanwhile, the unusual powertrain gives the car impressive punch and the ability to cruise silently on all-electric power.

It isn’t cheap, but only the likes of the Porsche 918 Spider and McLaren P1 offer similar technology and design, and they cost close to a million pounds each. Consider it, then, a more efficient alternative to the likes of the Porsche 911 and Audi R8.

The i8 is available as a coupé or as an open-top version. Read on over the next few pages for our detailed impressions of the i8 and, if you're lucky enough to be considering one, don’t forget to visit our New Car Buying site for the latest deals.


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