BMW i8 review

Costs & verdict

Manufacturer price from:£115,115
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BMW i8 back seats
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Costs & verdict

Everyday costs, plus how reliable and safe it is

BMW offers the i8 as this coupé and as a convertible, but there’s only one trim level available. This may seem expensive compared with ‘standard’ versions of the Porsche 911, but things aren’t as bleak as they first appear – BMW gives you far greater standard equipment than Porsche.

As well as conventional kit such as climate control, the i8 has adaptive LED lights, cruise control, heated electric front seats, a DAB radio, sat-nav and plenty more. Speccing a 911 to a similar level soon causes its price to skyrocket, evening things out somewhat.

Euro NCAP hasn’t crash tested the i8, but standard safety kit is good, including six airbags, collision warning and an automatic emergency braking system.

The i8 emits just 42g/km of CO2, so monthly company car costs will be considerably lower than those of a diesel 3 Series. Don’t expect to get near the claimed average of 134.5mpg on a regular basis, but the i8 should still return remarkable fuel economy in real-world conditions considering the performance it offers in return. In particular, if you have easy access to a charging point, your running costs will be far lower than that of an equivalent 911 or Audi R8.

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BMW i8
BMW i8
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Groundbreaking hybrid sports car that's thrilling to drive and look at

  • Incredible looks
  • Brilliant straight-line performance
  • Remarkably low running costs
  • Steering has too little feel and weight
  • Low-speed ride a bit fidgety
  • Rivals more satisfying to drive hard