BMW i8 review

Passenger & boot space

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BMW i8
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Passenger & boot space

How it copes with people and clutter

It’s not easy to get into the i8, because you have to duck under the butterfly doors, clamber over the tall sill and slide yourself into the low-slung sports seats – something that requires a degree of athleticism. Once seated, however, you’ll find that there’s plenty of room for those in the front and the seats are comfortable.

By contrast, the two rear seats are really only for occasional use or for children, because they’re cramped and hard to access. Leg and head room are severely limited, although you do get Isofix fittings for both rear seats.

Similarly, the boot isn’t that big, with just enough space for one bag, although we suspect most people will use the back seats as an additional luggage area. And you can use the rear seats for additional storage instead. There isn’t much storage elsewhere in the car, with a slender glovebox, no door pockets and only a few trays to sling your odds and sods into. That’s a shame, considering you can happily cover long distances in the i8.

BMW i8 back seats
BMW i8
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